Jay D. Gregory  |  Author

Jay D. Gregory is trained as a biochemist and spent a few years trying to understand how enzymes work. That training has proven invaluable in his writing, where he often finds himself taking apart things he can’t quite see in order to understand what makes them tick.

Favorite writers? There are too many to list, but Marcel Proust, John Steinbeck, Charles Williams, Robert Heinlein, Guy de Maupassant, Christopher Moore, John Kennedy Toole, and David James Duncan are all in the mix.

Jay currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys frequent trips to less mossy climates. He’s mildly obsessed with vintage hi-fi – the kind historically employed to play records, cassettes, and minidiscs – though he draws the line at 8-track. Size “medium” shirts always fit him perfectly, and the words “too many guitars” do not register on his brain.