Cry of the Phoenix  |  By Jay D. Gregory

A new threat is facing humanity — a virus that grants immortality to the afflicted. As the Human Renaissance Virus touches the population, writer Marcus Avery tries to make sense of a world grappling with the prospect of eternal life. As he digs deep into the stories of HRV patients, Marcus learns the chance at eternal life comes at a terrible price, and there are forces at work to make sure that price is paid in full.

Cry of the Phoenix is a free fall into a world where the long-coveted idea of immortality becomes first a rapturous reality and then a nightmare from which there is no escape.


Praise for Cry of the Phoenix:

“It’s Dostoevsky meets Stephen King and Carl Sagan.”

“One of the best things I’ve read this year. It had all the elements I like: characters that seemed real and spoke like real people, a well-paced narrative, a few great plot twists, and lots of metaphysics.”

“I finished Jay D. Gregory’s book ‘Cry of the Phoenix’ in a hurry. This always happens when I begin a new read that pulls me in to the point I can’t put it down until I finish it. It was a thoroughly good story, with plot and pacing reaching towards a finish that broke new ground for this reader. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a storyline apart from anything you’ve experienced before: great stuff!”

“Has a serious Robin Cook feel. Seriously spooky. How did you think of this stuff?”

“Beautifully written, perfectly realized.”

“I couldn’t put it down–read till alarmingly late last night and then got up and finished it in one gulp with coffee this morning. It’s a good thing I am retired or I would have snuck it into my classroom, assigned my kids vocabulary exercises, and read it under the desk.”

“Wow, from the shock in the first chapter to the surprising twist at the end, this book keeps you on your toes! I loved the characters and was wowed by the author’s attention to detail. The science knowledge needed to connect the dots must have been substantial because it really seems flawless to a novice like me and helped me accept a concept that would normally seem outrageous. I really hope this becomes a movie because I would love to see how these characters and their actions would flow on screen. If it’s anywhere near as good as this great book it will be a blockbuster!”